cuisine in bloom {original oil}

cuisine in bloom by katrina berg, oil on cradled masonite, 1 1/2″ painted sides (no need to frame)

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I’ve been thinking about all the things we create in the kitchen or la cuisine each day.  There is so much joy that comes from being self-sufficient, learning how to create something new, or simply, making a mess with the kiddos.

I love all the learning that takes place in our kitchen, and even though at times it seems there is no end to the kitchen creating and & cleaning,  it brings us all joy.  I’ve decided that the kitchen is the room I enjoy cleaning most.  We love being there.  It is the heart of our home.  We cook, work, do homework, and art projects: all in the kitchen.

This summer we’ve began a daily bread routine, learned to can/bottle our favorite garden soups, sauces, salsas, etc.  Our pantry is now full of gloriously beautiful glass bottles and a rainbow of colors {mostly rainbows of red from the salsa, tomato sauce, & tomato soup}.

cuisine in bloom is the start of a new series depicting the beauty that can grow in our homes…in our kitchens as we learn together and teach one another the basic beauties of food, cooking, and self-sustaining skills.  I hope one day my children will look back at these memories and find themselves full of skills, joy, and my love for each of them.

chip n’ burst {an original oil}

chip n burst by katrina berg, oil on cradled masonite, 1 1/2″ sides painted pink {no need to frame}

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What is it about short and stout, and cute and comfy, cozy…I’m not sure, but a Chinese Chippendale chair captures it for sure.  The third in a series of three similar chairs, this is the favorite of our resident babysitter, Kaylee.  She is small too.  :)  Perhaps that is why she liked it most.  Or maybe it is the sunburst pattern in the fabric.  I’ll have to ask her next time she is over.  I’m a big fan of babysitters that create with the kiddos.  In the past she has played school and done tea parties with them.  This last time, they created their own computers, and work spaces.  The builder’s computer even had his own microphone.  They had a wonderful time.  And if this chair existed in our living room, I would have sunk into it on our return: content that the kiddos had a wonderful adventure with their favorite babysitter! ~ katrina

queenie claire {an original oil}

queenie claire by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on 1 1/2″ cradled masonite board, available unframed (sides painted pink)

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This is really an armed Queen Anne chair, but I named it queenie claire after our daughter, who we refer to as the dancer.  She is stuck between two very busy brothers 18 months older and 20 months younger than she.  The dancer is our lil’ queen.  She is our lil’ princess that can get dirty with the best of them, has a spark of dare devil in her, a bit of stubborness or determination, {which I love}, and yet is all about the dress-up, painting, dancing, wearing make-up, doing cute hairdos, and creating masterpieces for her friends and cousins.  At present she is wearing her typical uniform: a leotard…her tutu is not far from her, and it is the third outfit she has worn today…another typical turn of events in our home.   She is an amazing big sister and mothers us all.  I love the way she finds creative projects and invites us all to participate.  Our lil’ queenie claire. ~ katrina

strasbourg {original oil}

strasbourg by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on 1 1/2″ cradled masonite board, available unframed

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The chair series is beginning to take a new turn.  I’m really excited about it and am looking forward to more.  Strasbourg is not too far from some of my dearest friends, older sister Mette, and our cousins.  I couldn’t help but think of each of them as I painted this cozy chair.  ~ katrina

pinto pony {original oil}

pinto pony by katrina berg, 16×20 oil on wrapped canvas, available custom framed

I’ve never done the Heber Paint Out during Plein Air Paradise, and I’ve been meaning to paint Kris’ charming store/design studio Pinto Pony Designs for quite a while.  It was a beautiful morning: a little chilly at first, but the sunlight felt wonderful and I enjoyed my time.  I finished shortly after Kris arrived for the day.  We had a great chat and she took me around a bit.  I hadn’t been in for quite a while.  I got to hear about her son’s artful freshman year at the U & current mission in Japan, see her daughter’s latest creative project, and admire some of Debbie’s paintings among the shop.  Kris is engaging, full of energy and creative genius.  It was a treasured morning. ~ katrina

robin nesting {original oil}

robin nesting by katrina madsen berg, 16×16 oil on cradled masonite, 1 1/2″ wide sides painted to match stripes on chair, available unframed

The second of two chairs sent by Robin Cornwell.  Her original is upholstered in a lovely Robin’s egg blue.  It is also the second painting I’ve done in water soluble oil.  My studio smells so wonderful! ~ katrina