kiddo daily delight – we’re going on a bear hunt by michael rosen

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Anniversary Edition of a Modern Classic

We’re going on a Bear Hunt is a wonderful song and I’ve heard it sung so many different ways…our kiddos love it!  We’ve enjoyed many a walks on a nearby trail where we’ve sang along and changed the words.  When the explorer received this lovely book by Michael Rosen (check out Michael’s version on youtube…seriously animated), illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, it was immediately a favorite.

The kiddos can read the book to you as they’ve now memorized it’s charming chant.  After learning the song, sandpiper in Music Together’s Flutes collection, the kiddos now stop the first song to sing the second each time we turn to the muddy part of the bear hunt.

While at the beach with Dezzer and Ressa, we spotted some sandpipers who were in the process (oh, my class would love this…ils étaient en train de trouver des crabes dans les sables) of their own crab hunt.

So there you have it, lots and lots of fun with Michael’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!:

  • sing the song together
  • change up the lyrics and create new ones
  • go on an imaginary bear hunt in your home
  • learn more about what is illustrated, like the sandpipers for us
  • write and illustrate your own version (going on a frog hunt…oh, oh, some lily pads…gotta hop through them!)

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kiddo daily delight – fancy nancy: tea parties by jane o’conner

Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties

When we were in college, some of our guy friends began calling our bff, Fancy Nancy.  And it was ever fitting…still is.  :)  So when the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Conner, illustrated by Robin Preiss-Glasser, first came out I was immediately intrigued.  Our kiddos, even the boys, truly enjoy the stories and illustrations.  Perhaps it is Nancy’s imagination, or maybe it is the intriguing French words they are learning, but Fancy Nancy is a favorite in our home.

A couple years ago, when the kiddos were showing some real desire to cook, learn to cook, dramatic-play cook, and everything associated with eating, serving, and organizing, I bought Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties for the dancer’s birthday.  It is more of a how-to book, but that didn’t decrease our fun.  Here is an old post where we began using the book.  They still love to pour over the ideas, finding much inspiration for their play.

One afternoon, while the builder was at school, the explorer asleep, and I was painting, the dancer created her own literacy-based activity.  We’d recently read the book, so she pulled it out, carefully looked through to find ideas, and began setting up her own tea party.

When she was done she invited me to her party and then included the builder when he came home as well.  Last year, all summer long the three were busy on our front porch nearly every day having tea parties with lots and lots of water.  Their parties were full of laughter and excitement.  This particular afternoon, however, I noticed that the dancer was pondering and really planning what she was to serve, how she would serve it, and where to accomplish it all.  It seems with all three of them so close in age that it is always a party going on at our house.  This year, the dancer has had a rare chance to spend her afternoons with me and at times alone.  It has been a special and important time.

Monday, the designer and I decided that naps have come to an end for the explorer.  Yesterday was his first official nap-free afternoon.  :)  He and the dancer had a wonderful afternoon filled with dramatic-play.

Back to the dancer and her tea parties.  Just after her solo tea party, the dancer was invited to her friend’s birthday party.  She had missed the party last year because she was sick.  We were going to be gone, and I knew she would be devastated to miss again, so we invited her friend over for a princess tea party.  We set up the little table in her room, I gave the girls one of my fancy table cloths, painted their nails, made muffins, and left them to create their party.  They had a wonderful time!  Thank you Fancy Nancy for your endless inspiration and fun!

What are your favorite tea party memories?  Pinkies up, and xoxo from all of us!

kiddo daily delight – if the savior stood beside me


I was the single momma tonight, but fhe turned out well and the kiddos and I had a great evening together.  We began our fhe with a welcome by the builder.   Then the dancer and grower and I played and sang primary songs on the piano: I am a Child of God and I Lived in Heaven (their song for the month).

We read in the Book of Mormon, in 3 Nephi 11:15, where Jesus appears to the people of the America’s after His Resurrection.  We talked about the people feeling the prints in his hands and feet.  Then we read If the Savior Stood Beside Me by Greg Olsen (painter).   Grandma had given the kiddos the book for Christmas, and I’ve been looking forward to reading it together.  I sang the song to them (lyrics are in the back).  They really liked that.

Then I asked them what they would do if Jesus were with us tonight.  At first the builder said he would fight the bad guys that killed Jesus.  Then he said he would give Jesus a present.  “What kind of present?” I asked him.  His eyes got really big, as he said, “a really big Scripture Book!”  The dancer had quite a bit to say, though I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  Finally, I understood that she wanted to give him a hug and a kiss.

For our activity, we danced to Jesus Wants me For a Sunbeam and I’m trying to be Like Jesus, (even the grower was rockin’ out as he held onto the chair :)), followed by some Ring around the Rosies. (a favorite fhe game).

kiddo daily delights – dear mr. blueberry by simon james


{this was one of our first kdds in Jan of ’09…my how they’ve grown}

Dear Mr. Blueberry by Simon James, is a treasure.  The builder loves reading it, learning about whales, pets, and science.  Today, though, I was planning on focusing on the letter drafting part of the book.  After the builder and dancer and I read our story, the dancer wanted to “color.”

No problem, let’s color our letters.  I asked the builder who he wanted to write to.  “Jesus!” he replied, and then added, “Oh, and Santa.”  His letters went like this:

Dear Jesus,
ABCD.  Hello.  I love Santa and Jesus.  Come to our house.  You are our friend.
the builder, the dancer, the grower, the designer, and mommy

Dear Santa,
I love my family. I love my family at church. I like Santa and Jesus to come to my church. Thank you for the presents. Go to the Zoo and see the animals.

As for the dancer

Santa Claus,
Santa Claus. I love you. Thank your coming on Christmas. Da da da. Ride it. Jingle Bells. Potty Power. Potty. Power. Movie.
the dancer

It was a funny start in letter drafting.  I think we’ll write some more tomorrow…wonder who they will be for…:)

{2.02.11 –  the kiddos are really into letter writing these days.  They need to use envelopes and seal them with stickers…you never know what you’ll get inside: a letter, an illustration?}