kiddo daily delight – we’re going on a bear hunt by michael rosen

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Anniversary Edition of a Modern Classic

We’re going on a Bear Hunt is a wonderful song and I’ve heard it sung so many different ways…our kiddos love it!  We’ve enjoyed many a walks on a nearby trail where we’ve sang along and changed the words.  When the explorer received this lovely book by Michael Rosen (check out Michael’s version on youtube…seriously animated), illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, it was immediately a favorite.

The kiddos can read the book to you as they’ve now memorized it’s charming chant.  After learning the song, sandpiper in Music Together’s Flutes collection, the kiddos now stop the first song to sing the second each time we turn to the muddy part of the bear hunt.

While at the beach with Dezzer and Ressa, we spotted some sandpipers who were in the process (oh, my class would love this…ils étaient en train de trouver des crabes dans les sables) of their own crab hunt.

So there you have it, lots and lots of fun with Michael’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!:

  • sing the song together
  • change up the lyrics and create new ones
  • go on an imaginary bear hunt in your home
  • learn more about what is illustrated, like the sandpipers for us
  • write and illustrate your own version (going on a frog hunt…oh, oh, some lily pads…gotta hop through them!)

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kiddo daily delights – old bear by kevin henkes


The builder came home from preschool with a seasons craft.  They had glued gliter and colored construction paper on different sections of the tree to represent the 4 seasons.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes is a wonderful book about the four seasons and a hibernating bear.  It is a book you can read and do projects with your kiddos all year long.  Activity suggestions…


  • listen and/or dance to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
  • collect nature samples throughout the year
  • record the positions of the stars

Winter (if you have snow):


  • raise some caterpillars
  • collect flowers in bloom
  • paint eggs


  • make a slip’n’slide
  • lay in the tall grass & find animals, shapes, etc. in the clouds
  • make a boat and let it go in a nearby stream/gutter


kiddo daily delight – inside mouse, outside mouse

Materials needed:

  • Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse by Lindsay Barrett George
  • your kiddos

Targeted learning areas: language, opposites, spatial, kinetic, following directions

This darling book describes 2 mice: one that lives inside a home and one that lives outside.  It discusses spatial vocabulary such as: across, between, below, under, over, next to, etc., by describing the placement of the mice.  The illustrations are beautifully detailed, great perspectives shown, and fun color choices.  The words used are simple enough to help visually explain the meaning.

As soon as we finished and I suggested that the kiddos go across the carpet like the mouse, off went the builder.  He knew what to do.  After preforming each movement or placement, he would run back, turn the page for me and off he went on the next task.  The dancer followed everything he did.  Pictured are the dancer “under” the piano bench, and the builder “behind” the grower.  Lots of wonderful learning to glean from this darling book.

kiddo daily delight – olivia forms a band by ian falconer

Materials Needed:

  • Olivia forms a band by Ian Falconer {seriously cool website btw, totally check it out}
  • small empty containers (we used old vitamin containers)
  • something to put in your containers (we used lentils, white beans, pine cones, and plastic beads)
  • small spoons
  • glue
  • paint, paint brushes, paint shirts, lining for spills


Targeted learning areas: fine motor skills, science, visual arts, kinetics

The kiddos are way into Ian Falconer’s Olivia.  There is much in her adventures that they understand.  Her forming a band is no different.  As we read the book, we talked about the builder’s memories of fireworks this summer, making instruments, and changing their clothes (Olivia is always trying on new outfits).

Afterwards, they explored the beans, beads, and pine cones I’d set up.  They enjoyed putting them in the small containers and dumping them out again.  We eventually used some spoons to facilitate the filling.   Thank goodness the grower was having his morning nap.

The beads and beans spilled onto the table and floor.  A great opportunity to refine those fine motor skills, as they picked up the tiny lentils and beads.  They were so busy investigating the materials, shaking them in their containers, listening to the different sounds made, deciding how many objects to place in the containers, making noise with their spoons, stirring the beans and beads.

I began to glue shut the containers.  Out came the paint shirts, brushes, and paint.  Soon, they were mixing colors to use on the containers and explaining as they went.   After the containers had dryed, the band or parade began.  Can’t wait to use our new instruments as we sing songs together and during preschool.

What are your favorite band-related activities?

kiddo daily delights – dear mr. blueberry by simon james


{this was one of our first kdds in Jan of ’09…my how they’ve grown}

Dear Mr. Blueberry by Simon James, is a treasure.  The builder loves reading it, learning about whales, pets, and science.  Today, though, I was planning on focusing on the letter drafting part of the book.  After the builder and dancer and I read our story, the dancer wanted to “color.”

No problem, let’s color our letters.  I asked the builder who he wanted to write to.  “Jesus!” he replied, and then added, “Oh, and Santa.”  His letters went like this:

Dear Jesus,
ABCD.  Hello.  I love Santa and Jesus.  Come to our house.  You are our friend.
the builder, the dancer, the grower, the designer, and mommy

Dear Santa,
I love my family. I love my family at church. I like Santa and Jesus to come to my church. Thank you for the presents. Go to the Zoo and see the animals.

As for the dancer

Santa Claus,
Santa Claus. I love you. Thank your coming on Christmas. Da da da. Ride it. Jingle Bells. Potty Power. Potty. Power. Movie.
the dancer

It was a funny start in letter drafting.  I think we’ll write some more tomorrow…wonder who they will be for…:)

{2.02.11 –  the kiddos are really into letter writing these days.  They need to use envelopes and seal them with stickers…you never know what you’ll get inside: a letter, an illustration?}

kiddo daily delight – the curious garden by peter brown

Literature and literacy-based activities are the foundation for the learning we do at home during preschool…and anytime really.  I find that no matter how busy life can be, the challenges we face, and unexpectants that creep in, we can’t afford to give up the book-time and learning with the kiddos.

Thus, I’m recommitting to sharing what we call our kiddo daily delights.  I’ll admit that I became overwhelmed and burnt out when sharing them each day…mostly the time it takes to write up our experiences, but once a week seems to be a good balance.

So if you’re interested, please stop by on Wednesday…when others are wordless…we’ll be wordy and engaged.  :)

This morning we shared preschool with our friends Amanda and Laurel.  Amanda is an amazing friend and mom, and though she asked for a “tutorial”, she sure doesn’t need one!  Such is the case with most of us out there.  Sometimes we feel we aren’t qualified or have the patience to teach our kiddos all they need.

Don’t tell yourself that.  You can do it.  Start simply, and enjoy that time together.

Today we focused on gardens, becoming gardeners, preparing during Winter, and starting our seeds early. The Curious Garden, written and illustrated by Peter Brown is a wonderful introduction or even reminder when teaching a love of gardening.

Truly a keeper for home’s library.  The story is warm, inviting, and has beautiful illustrations with a unique perspective on rooftop gardens and city dwellers in search of a garden to tend.

Related activities:

  • each kiddo drew their own view of their garden they would love to tend
  • we played a letter search…looking for the letters in the word GARDEN.  {Nothing too complicated here, a large piece of paper with a grid of letters…very simple, for older kids, have them make a word search or crossword for their friend/sibling to solve made up of garden vocabulary}
  • we planted seeds in glass jars so that we can see our plants’ progress {we also found that droppers were great as the kiddos can water to their hearts content without over-watering, and they are great for making holes in the soil for the tiny seeds and to cover them}
  • Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep is a perfect song to sing and act out with them while learning about planting and gardening