mixing paint colors with kiddos

Painting themes at our house seem to back and forth between composition (what and why they are painting), and process {how they paint}. When the builder was small he seemed to mostly focus on the process. It took a while before he had explored enough to desire to paint something in particular. Gradually he built his narrative, and his younger siblings seem to be following in their development.

Lately I find the kiddos fascinated with color. What colors can make other colors, and how to darken and lighten each color when adding black and white.

A few years ago I had added to my paint collection and donned it to the kiddos for their studio time.

With all of our bulk buying, I thought it would be best {$ sense and environmentally}, to purchase the colors we use most in gallon size. They come with handy-dandy pumps and are way easy to use.

Now when I get their colors ready, I give them primary colors of blue, red, and yellow, some white, and then ask them what colors they would like to make. They plan and mix the colors and take them to the easel. They are like little color scientists, calculating how much white will make “Cinderella blue” and how much red is needed for an “Amberlie pink”. The dancer and her friend came up with a new concoction of pink when painting together last week.

A few days ago we invited some friends to paint with us for MLK Day. Ivana’s boys are the same age as our kiddos, amazingly enough. All 6 of them get along beautifully and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know them better.

We pulled out the leaves on our Danish table that we luv {thanks to Jacob & Jessi for recommending it so long ago!} And I made a palate for each kiddo. When painting at the table I use paper plates, let leftover paint dry when kiddos are done, and use them over and over again.

Daniel was especially fascinated with the colors he could create. His favorite was the “army green” using yellow and black. For easiest mixing, place colors next to each other that will create a familiar color for your kiddos:

• blue next to red for purple,
• yellow on the other side of the red to make orange,
• then blue next to the yellow so that they can make green…

…you get the idea. Don’t be afraid to let them put them in another order at the same time. Let them organize where they want their colors and see where their creativity will take them!

What color concoctions are your kiddos’ favs? Do they name them as ours do?

portland headlight {an original oil}

portland headlight by katrina berg, 11×14 oil on canvas, SOLD {inquire for giclée print}

Nance and I took a trip back East January of 2000 to check out grad schools.  The Boston wind cut right through our “thought-we-were-prepared” coats and gloves that we were used to wearing in the Wasatch Mountains at BYU.  Getting on the “T” was a sight for regular riders.  We had no tokens, passes, nor correct fare.  A heaven-sent lady of kindness gave us the needed fare and we were off on our adventure.

Boston proved to be a memorable stop and the scholarly environment unforgettable.  I loved it there.

Days later we made a our way up the coast, past the many tolls and finally found ourselves in Maine.

Nance, I said, look at the ocean, and look at the lighthouses!

I was charmed.

While Nance checked out the art program, I hung out and took in the Maine air, relaxing by the local lighthouse.

Afterwards we had a wonderful dinner at an Indian restaurant downtown…which was amazing.  When we came out of the restaurant, we found that our lil’ rental car had been boxed in.  My So. Cal driving and parking experience was no match for the situation.  As I patiently and meticulously inched back and forth for about 10 minutes, we noticed some guys laughing at us in the neighboring town park.  I jumped out and challenged them to help us instead of laughing at our predicament.

All of a sudden, there was Nance, still in the car, way above my head.  Two of those boys had picked it up and moved it to the middle of the street.

Well there you have it.  I’m glad I paid for insurance on the rental car that trip for there really must have been little to it.  :)

The trip was a success.  We found individual answers for each of us as to our next 4 or five years, we tested some traveling/self-reliant skills, and I renewed my love affair with the East Coast.

The designer’s younger brother {one of his best friends}, lives in Maine, not far from Portland and it’s headlight.  His mother and sister went out this past Summer and enjoyed their family and the beautiful state.  They spent some time touring the headlight and have made memories of their own in this charming part of the world.

The painting was a Christmas gift for them…to remember their time with loved ones in Maine.  Who knows where they will be over the next few years, but hopefully, this painting will remind them of their family’s “early years”.

Wasatch County Library presents: so you think you can draw!

The kiddos and I are going to the library this morning to get ready for So You Think You Can Draw Thursday evening.  If you have kiddos 8-12 in age who love to draw and create come and join us.

If you’re too far away {Zoe :)}, don’t worry, I’ll post the activities we’ll be doing, and the handouts and material I’ll be sending home with each of them.

No, you don’t need to be an artist to help your child with these simple exercises.  In fact, they probably won’t need your help and will be showing you how to do them.  :)

If you’ve ever had a love of art or interest in increasing your creativity, you will enjoy taking the time with your kiddos (or doing it alone).

I’ll be discussing composition, style, and will offer suggestions on how to increase or start gathering your own desires and taste within the art world.

So come join us or stay tuned!  xoxo ~ katrina

Wasatch County Library
Heber City, UT
6-7 pm
January 6th 2011

above it all – an original oil

above it all by katrina berg, 11×14 oil on cradled masonite, SOLD

Freshman year away at BYU was an unforgettable year.  I met amazing friends that have stayed close through the years.  One of those special friends was Phil Jimenez.  He still manages to flawlessly keep tabs on everyone.  That year, we managed to play several pranks on our guy friends and of course received some good retaliation.  Too many good stories to mention here, but Phil single-handedly got Nance convinced that she had an admirer.  The prank went on for weeks and I shamelessly assisted all that I could.  Of course Nance was a wonderful sport and Phil and I became fast friends.

That year I had a crazy mattress that completely sunk in the middle.  After a couple sleepless nights, a terrible back ache, and vainless appeals to our headmistress, I gave up and spent the rest of the year sleeping on the floor.  My roomie Amos was the real trooper allowing me to sleep in the only vacant floor space between our two beds.  This however turned out to be a quite gratuitous as we had a “guest bed”.  Whenever any of our friends had younger sisters in town, they got to stay in “the guest bed”.

And that’s how I met Phil’s sister Lisa.  Lisa is one of those creative, positive, and beautiful people that simply make you smile.  She is quick and witty and a whole lotta fun.  Whenever I’d run into her on campus, she’d have something exciting up her sleeve.  Today it is no different.  She is involved with an amazing dance group who bring beauty wherever they go.  Lisa commissioned this painting for her husband’s Christmas gift.  It is his beautiful cabin in Timberlakes {above Heber City}.   I’ve put off posting this for fear of spoiling a Christmas surprise.  Nothing is secret these days!  Hope it reminds you both of many wonderful memories spent above it all! ~ katrina

thanks Zatista!

Wall Spin This Week on WallSpin
Friday, December 10, 2010
Holiday Secrets from Our Guest Curators!
jason ww image.pngby Nancy, December 9, 20107 hot Guest Curators tell tantalizing secrets like who makes the most decadent banana pancakes, who eats all of her husband’s chocolate-caramel Santas, who serves pigs in blankets for dinner and more…  Read more >

A couple weeks ago I was accepted to show on one of the premier online galleries: Zatista. I’ve enjoyed strolling through the various artists’ work and am honored to be a part.

This morning I received a weekly update from the gallery in my inbox and was surprised to find all gathered in on their newsletter and blog post featuring their guest holiday curators: current genius’ in the design world whom I admire, including, Michelle Adams, editor and creator of Lonny Magazine (my console and latest go to since Domino Magazine disappeared).

Special thanks to Nancy and all of the team at Zatista for including my piece!  I loved reading the picks and secrets of each guest.  xoxo ~ katrina

showing at soldier hollow this month!

I’m excited to share that our art gallery, the wasatch back artists is currently showing at Soldier Hollow Resort in the clubhouse, which offers exquisite views overlooking Heber Valley.

The show will be up until just after New Years, so if you get a chance, go enjoy a hot meal or cup of hot chocolate, the views, and of course the artwork!

Soldier Hollow is nearer to my heart this year than ever before as our oldest, the builder, is attending all-day kindergarten there at Soldier Hollow’s Charter School with Ms. Kaara {she’s fantastic btw}.  He loves his school, his teacher, his classmates, is learning much, and having the time of his life.

Soldier Hollow is a unique venue…the Olympic arena for cross-country skiing, the Sheep Dog Championships, Winter Tubing, and Spring-Summer weather golfing.  It is a beautiful setting all year round.  Special thanks to Glen Van Wagoner for inviting our group to show again in their beautiful building! ~ katrina